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Success Story: Accelerated Innovation through Value Stream Management

Tyson Foods prides itself on thinking differently and acting boldly. But until recently, its teams had been doing everything but that. 

Years of working in traditional departmental silos resulted in confusion about Tyson’s initiatives and teams that wondered about the motives behind them.

Tyson executives went to work defining value streams and processes, then used ValueOps as its software solution. Since using the platform, the company has:

  • Committed to making data-driven decisions
  • Used real-time data to provide teams with accurate insight
  • Helped teams understand the value behind decisions

According to Tyson’s executive team, the journey is only just beginning. In this success story, you’ll learn how the company used Value Stream Management to transform not just its business but also its thinking. 

Watch this video to hear directly from Tyson Foods



Learn how Tyson Foods used VSM to increase alignment and foster collaboration in this success story.

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