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2024 VSM Trends Report: A Global Survey of Executives and IT Leaders

For companies that need a better understanding of their customer and the value their products deliver, they must address critical business challenges in 2024.  Value Stream Management continues to gain momentum delivering numerous business benefits, such as increased efficiency, increased customer value, and cost reduction.

Key findings from our report show that reducing operating expenses, increasing customer value, and growing profit margins are the top business objectives in 2024, and VSM is directly aligned as a solution.

Find out now:

  • Why the largest number of companies will have multiple products teams using VSM by the end of 2024
  • Why improving customer value has moved into the second spot for organizations this year
  • How to build a 360 degree view of customer value

Value Stream Management has its challenges, but organizations are making it work. Fill out the form to learn more about how VSM can also drive value for your organization.

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